Montenegro pearl of the Mediterranea

Montenegro is situated in the south Adriatic Sea, in a small area in which are gathered: sea with beautiful beaches, rivers with unique canyons, clear lakes and giant mountains. Such beauty is breathtaking and every traveler remains eternally in love with Montenegro. In the morning you can wake up on the beautiful Adriatic coast, have lunch on the lake, and enjoy the evening walking in the mountains. Montenegro will not leave you indifferent. Montenegro is certainly one of the most interesting places in the world. Even though it covers just around 14.000 km2 andit only has about 670.000 citizens, its contribution to world cultural heritage is of great importance. During the centuries of its rich history Montenegro has survived and remained one of the brightest examples of fight for freedom and for its own existence and location of which people always spoke with respect. Christian, Muslim, Ilyrian, Byzantine, Turkish, and Slavcivilizations merged here making Montenegro a crossroad of culture and history. Montenegro has changed its name many times. From the Latin community called Prevalis, through the medieval state of Zeta, to the modern Montenegro. Thanks to civilizations that remained in this country for a shorter or longer period of time, Montenegro turned into a mosaic of cultural heritage.

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    The Romantic poet Lord Byron famously put it thus: “At the moment of the creation of our planet, the most beautiful merging of land and sea occurred at the Montenegrin seaside… When the pearls of nature were sworn, an abundance of them were strewn all over this area.”

    9:15 am March 13, 2018